Do I need to register at the city hall when I arrive in my new city?

No, it is not mandatory in France to register at the city hall.


How far in advance should we plan visits of properties?

It really depends on the type of flat you are looking for, but generally in Paris we start the visits 2 to 3 weeks before the date you want to move in.

How many flats will I see during 1 day of visits?

Depending on the real estate market availabilities and your criteria we should be able to show you between 6 to 8 properties.

What is the normal length of the lease contract?

For an unfurnished flat or house, the length of the lease is 3 years and it gets renewed automatically at the end for another 3 years. You can stop this contract at any time by giving 3 months notice to the owner or 1-month notice if you need to move for professional reasons. For a furnished flat, the length of the lease is 1 year and it gets renewed automatically at the end for another year. You can stop this contract at any time by giving 1-month notice to the owner.

What are the next steps after the viewing of properties?

Once we get the agreement from the real estate agent we will organise an appointment for the signature of the lease at which time you will be required to make several payments such as: the 1st month of rent, the agency fees (equal to about 1 month of rent), the deposit (1 month of rent for an unfurnished flat, 2 months of rent for a furnished flat). Then we will proceed with you to the check-in and inventory review. To rent a flat the tenant needs to have a home insurance policy, otherwise the owner will not hand over the keys. NOVA Relocation will assist you with this procedure also.

What are the different utilities I’ll need to take care of in my new house?

The most common utilities are home insurance, electricity, gas (if needed), TV, telephone, and internet.

How do I terminate my lease?

We will send a registered letter to the owner respecting the notice period of (effective from the date of receipt):
- 1 month for a furnished apartment
- 3 months for an unfurnished apartment. This notice period can be reduced to one month with a statement that you are being posted elsewhere by your employer.

How does the exit survey take place?

The flat has to be in the same condition as when you entered. It is advisable for you to be present during the exit survey. It will be carried out with the owner and/or a professional survey agency. Its goal is to compare the condition of the flat at the entrance and exit. At the end of the exit survey, you must give back the keys to the owner and pay for any agreed indemnities or damages.

How do I recuperate the deposit?

The owner has 2 months to give back the deposit after the exit survey.
If there are some deductions, they have to be justified with invoices.

How do I terminate my utilities contracts?

-Your electricity, gas and water contracts can be terminated by phone with the metre reading completed at the exit survey. Your last invoice will reflect the balance of your contracts, and you will be credited or debited. In fact, when your contract was opened, an estimate of your consumption was made - the metre reading confirms the real figure.
-According to the insurance company’s rules, the home insurance will be terminated by registered letter, mail or fax with a copy of the exit survey.
-The internet can be terminated by registered letter, which must be sent before the 20th of the month to be effective at the end of the month. There are no cancellation fees, except with FREE Telecom. Once the letter has been received, it takes about 10 days for your contract to be closed. If you are still under contract with your internet provider, you can terminate your contract only if your move is due to a posting.


Can I drive with my driving licence in France?

If you obtained your driving licence in an EU or EEA country, you can ask for an exchange, but this is not mandatory. If your driving licence has been approved in a non-EU country, the exchange is mandatory but then 2 options are still possible:
1) If there is an agreement of reciprocity between France and this country, then you must only submit some minor paperwork to the “prefecture”. Your original driving licence will be kept and the French one will be given to you. This procedure is free but it takes between 3 and 6 months. In the meanwhile you can drive but you need a translation of your driving licence.

2) If there is no agreement between France and the country where you obtained your driving licence, then you’ll have to take the French driving test and examination to get a French licence.

What are the different school systems in France?

If you want your children to follow the French system you will have a choice between public and private schools. The public system in France is free of charge and your child is guaranteed to have a space. You can register as soon as you have a permanent address in France. For the private school, you can choose one and submit an application form to register. It is not free of charge. There are many options in Paris and the surroundings if you want to register your children in an International System, including the American school, British School, International School with Foreign section, Spanish school, Italian school, etc.


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